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I make some pretty cool stuff for YOUR vans of just about any year of VAN, but EVERYTHING WE MAKE is made BY HAND , ONE PIECE AT A TIME. This includes all the interior door panels and upholstery items as well as EVERY FIBERGLASS PART we offer.
As MANY folks these days are discovering or rediscovering vanning and the lifestyle for the first time, I've been at this type of work since I was 17 years old and am still at it for the FUN OF IT at 62.
I have grown a collection of MOLDS from VARIOUS MANUFACTURERS of these items over the years and CHANCES ARE , I have tooling for it and can hook you up. I've collected many obscure parts from the past along with the usual van items you've seen , and a FEW ITEMS we CREATED for the Vans of today like the Express / Savanah Vans. With these molds , I'm able to make parts that haven't existed for a long time at a quality level not available elsewhere.
Each part is hand made by myself and my bride ( of 33 years) fresh for you. All of our parts come in 2K Primer (white) and ready for you to scuff, seal and color them. Parts come with any mounting hardware and instruction as well as my TOLL FREE help line #, that goes RIGHT TO MY POCKET 800-495-VANS or 717-862-3174.

AS A RESULT of our recent and ongoing popularity these days, our PRODUCTION SCHEDULE gets a little backed up on some popular items. I build every day, but some wait times can get long, and for THAT I AM VERY SORRY. I HATE having to tell folks they may have to wait a minute before I can ship you toy ( when I want a TOY...I want it NOW...Dang it), But I just can't sacrifice QUALITY just to rush stuff thru that I'll have to fix anyway.


You call to place order ( BEST TO JUST CALL ME...SERIOUSLY the numbers up there^^^). We discuss your van and what parts you're looking for and come up with the total PARTS PRICE for you. At this time I'll ESTIMATE YOUR SHIPPING COSTS and ADVISE of TIME FRAME for YOUR parts to be made. At the TIME OF ORDER a PRODUCTION DEPOSIT (half) will be REQUIRED ( You can put down more if you like but I really prefer half now and balance when shipped), with BALANCE AND SHIPPING DUE at SHIPPING TIME. I will contact you a while ahead so its not a surprise to you so the balance can be paid.
IF at any time , you change your mind ( maybe your friend has a set or you find a set at a bone yard...WHATEVER ), just contact me for a total refund of your deposit. The dude behind you on the production schedule will be happy you did and YOU are out nothing...EVERYBODY HAPPY. REMEMBER...I WANT you to have my parts on YOUR VAN and want to get them to you as soon as possible, ya just gotta be patient, I ain't going anywhere.
We accept Paypal as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex for payment.
BROWSE THRU THESE PAGES TO SPARK YOUR IMAGINATION and see some of my stuff...Just because you don't see it on the website , doesn't mean I don't or can't make it...REACH OUT!!!

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