It's THAT time of year again kiddo's!
VANARAMA 8 ( already ) This is our eighth year at this event and it just keeps getting better every year. WHY? Every year we GROW!..MORE NEW FOLKS every year!. More opportunities to meet folks LIKE YOU! If you've never been before...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?...Everyone you talk to about it , tells you how AWESOME it is!.....How we ALL make this event WHAT IT IS....We are NOT the regular GREAT Truck-Ins across the country with your vanner Family....WE'RE a little different in as much as THIS eVANt is a VAN SHOW ( put on BY Vanners...FOR Vanners ) INSIDE A HUGE TRUCK SHOW...NATIONALLY PUBLICIZED. We have our own real estate at the event and have expanded over the years. We are an official ATTRACTION to this event, and every year the Carlisle Event Staff go above and beyond to provide and experience like non other!
This year ( like last ) we will have the Lion's share of the pavilion, PLUS a big ole circus tent for us. The weather at this venue CAN get REAL, REAL FAST, and shelter is the KEY. We ( Vanners ) get to STAY in our VANS at the venue for the entire weekend ( unlike the folks in the pick-up trux ), WITH THE UNDERSTANDING , to not get out of hand ( we can do that, and always have ) and be respect others. We are NOT able to pitch tents are bring in campers of any kind ( UNLESS its your VAN!)..This has never been a problem as we all seem to understand HOW this show works. THIS YEAR, we NEED to keep the area under the BIG TOP a little more organized than last as it seemed folks were afraid to enter the tent area as they perceived it to be private. WE WANT FOLKS to see our Vans, lifestyle, and overall outlook on stuff, and keeping CLEAR PEDESTRIAN ROWS throughout our display area will help this tremendously. Last year I went into the tent thing thinking HOW MANY CAN WE CRAM IN THERE.....Can't do that this time.We HAVE PLENTY of time to get our ducks in a row for this event and IF PEOPLE SPEAK ( with you pre-registration payment) , by purchasing INSIDE SPOTS...I'LL BUY A BIGGER TENT!..Its just not FAIR to the folks that pay way in advance for inside spot , to be SQUEEZED at the very end because of late registrants...I want EVERYONE to be DRY AND COMFORTABLE under cover if thats what you just comes at a cost...the COST is just paying the same thing you would have anyway...just a little SOONER. I PRE-PAY for these spots out of my pocket and HOPE to get it back ( which I ALWAYS its not particularly "scarey " anymore....but it DOES make for some tight money times for dear old captain...thats not all that helpful....I ain't crying..just saying IF YOU CAN PRE-REG NOW....PLEASE DO!)
Oh YEAH...THIS YEARS THEME: Beyond The VannerDome !..Kind of Mad Max / Steampunk deal...we'll talk more about this as we go along..I just need to get the ball rolling

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